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The Freedom To Shoot In all directions instantly

With Chidibaaz Body Armour Vest Camera & Lens Holder photography equipment, you’ll be able to capture the perfect shot without any constraints from heavy tripods. You can move around in any direction instantly to capture that perfect shot. Never miss a shot due to limited vision filed on a tripod stand based photography setup.

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Welcome to a better world of wildlife & bird photography

For many years you have been carrying bulky tripods with your heavy lenses.

Do you get the freedom of shooting photographs around in all directions instantly?

Are you having to constraint yourself by sitting in one place and shooting photos in a limited vision field?

Are you missing shots of birds & animals in motion, the perfect birds and Animals photo shots beside you and behind you?

If your answer is yes, then Body Armour Vest – DSLR & Heavy Lens Holder is the perfect solution for you.

Body armour liberates from all these wildlife photography problems.

It not only liberates you from carrying heavy tripods but also gives you the freedom of moving around with heavy lenses and a camera.

You won’t miss the favorite shots that you wanted to click anymore.

You can move around in any direction in a fraction of seconds

Body armour comes with reliable joints, proper padded support on the shoulders and back

designed to take the heavy load of prime lenses

What more can a wildlife photography enthusiast ask for

Innovated design by passionate wildlife photographer and mechanical engineer (research & development)

Designed & manufactured in India and helping promote the Made In India initiative.

You can swing to action clicking your favorite shots with all the ease of movement

Buy custom-built Wildlife Photography Gear & Equipment Online designed to help mount large lenses & camera easily. Dynamic Tripod Alternative

Innovative Design

Designed for wildlife photographers by a professional wildlife photographer and mechanical engineer (Research & Development) Mr. Kshitikesh Parmeshwar.

Unparalleled Agility

Chidibaaz body armour is designed to provide agility to wildlife photographers in this regard. Heavy tripods restrict the mobility of wildlife photographers.

360° Field Vision

Wildlife photographers can now turn around and in direction to capture the perfect shot in any direction using Chidibaaz Body Armour Vest Camera Lens Holder.

Highly Flexible

Innovatively designed to move and turn around multiple axis to provide professional wildlife photographers the flexibility they need to capture the perfect shot.

Light Weight Setup

Chidibaaz body armour a lightweight body-mounted vest to hold the heavy camera and lens setups for wildlife photographers to provide a comfortable experience.

Designed To Perfection

Designed. tried, tested, and improved by wildlife photographers to provide the best, most agile, flexible, and comfortable photography experience in the wild.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Chidibaaz body armour vest is a free size vest that comes with 8 adjustable support belts with buckles. You can adjust the support belts to fit to your size perfectly.

The 2 shoulder support belts & 6 body support belts (3 right & 3 left) are provided to make the setup fit perfectly on all body sizes.

This also makes sure the weight of the lens and camera is distributed perfectly for a comfortable experience.

Chidibaaz body armour vest and leans holder photography gear weighs about 2 Kgs.

It is designed in such a way that the entire load of the equipment and the lens plus camera setup is distributed perfectly on shoulders and back.

This makes sure you have comfortable and agile photography experience.

Keeping the entire setup strong and rigid  yet light weight & comfortable has been a top priority while designing Chidibaaz photography gear.

The camera & lens holder setup mounted on the vest is built using a combination of highly durable nylon & aluminum.

The body armour vest comes with padded back and shoulders support to provide a comfortable photography experience.

If you are a wildlife photographer, a bird photographer, or a photographer who requires freedom of movement in all directions in general, then yes, Chidibaaz Body Armour Vest is the perfect product for you.

  1. Maximum agility even with heavy lenses without a tripod
  2. Turn around & Shoot photos in all directions easily & instantaneously
  3. Never miss the perfect shot of an animal of bird in motion

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What are the advantages of using Chidibaaz body armour?

How to setup Chidibaaz Body Armour?

What is the building material & the weight of Chidibaaz body armour?

A brief product introduction

Innovative Solution

Chidibaaz Body Armour Vest photography equipment is an innovative solutions to over come the limitations on a heavy and constrained tripod based camera and lens setup.

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Wildlife photographer's reviews of our product

Truly an innovative solution for wildlife photographers. The agility Chidibaaz Body Armour Vest provides is unparalleled.
Freya Sanz
Ligh weight, easy to use, easy to carry, strong, and stable. This product is essential to not miss the perfect shots especially for bird photography.
Mark Ficher
It's a must-have product for all wildlife photographers. I have always disliked tripod stands in the field and this is the perfect alternative.
Diana Burnwood

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